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Terekhol River

The Terekhol River is started from Sindhudurg district of the Maharashtra state. This flows in Goa in North district. It is also flow near of the Terekhol Fort and meet to the Arabian Sea. Tourists can enjoy of the ferry in The Terekhol River. This another name is Banda River. Terekhol fort is situated on the bank of the Terekhol River northern side. Now, this fort converted into a heritage hotel. People can stay here safe and secure and also can visit glory of the River. People can enjoy here several type water sports like boating, fishing, swimming and ferry trip.

Location path: Sindhudurg district (Maharashtra), North Goa district, Manohargad, Arabian Sea

Total Length: 22 kilometers

Terekhol Fort Heritage Hotel Website:

Terekhol Fort Heritage Hotel Phone No.: +91 7720056799 / 7720056800