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Eid Ul Fitr

Eid al Fitr festival also called Feast of Breaking the Fast and Lesser Eid. This is a Muslims religion people related people festival. It is a main and holy festival of the Islamic people. People fast to one holy Ramadan month. This festival comes on the end day of the Ramadan month. People fast start from day dawn to sunset. This festival comes in June or July month each year. This festival fast process start just 29 or 30 days before of the Eid al-Fitr day. The Eid al-Fitr festival come according the lunar Hijri calendar. People also celebrate Chaand Raat (night of the moon) just before Eid festival day.
People wear new clothes and distribute sweets to relative and friends. Muslim female genders apply henna or mehndi on their feet and hand also wear bangles with different colours. People prepare different types of the sweets and foods. They go to Mosque and prayer to God.
Goa state also has muslim religion people they celebrate Eid al Fitr festival every years with full enthusiasm. Some famous mosques are the Jama Masjid - Sanguim Taluka, Safa Masjid - Ponda, Surla Taar Mosque - Surla village, Namazgah - Bicholim of the Goa state to prayer on Eid al Fitr festival.


2023 Festival Date: 21 April - Friday

2022 Festival Date: 2 May - Monday

2021 Festival Date: 13 May - Thursday

2020 Festival Date: 24 May - Sunday

2019 Festival Date: 4 June - Tuesday

2018 Festival Date: 15 June - Friday

2017 Festival Date: 25 June - Sunday

Importance : Day the end of Ramadan fasting

Type : Islamic Religion Main Festival

Frequency: Annual