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Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa (Samvatsar Padvo) is a popular festival of the south India along Goa state. It is a new celebration day of the Hindu New Year. So this is a first day of the Chaitra month. Chaitra month is the first month of the Hindu religion calendar. Actually, Gudhi Padva is name in Marathi language of the Chaitra month first day. This festival generally celebrates in the March or April month in every year. On Gudi Padwa day pleople clean their home and wear new clothes. Women also design rangoli on their home's doorsteps. People also eat bitter sweat of the neem tree leaves. Maharashtrian and Goa People also make different variety of the vagetarian food (Sweats, Kheer, sweet potato, jaggery, sanna, poori, shrikhand and coconut milk) and distribute sweat among relative and friends.


2025 Festival Date: Sunday, 30 March

2024 Festival Date: Tuesday, 9 April

2023 Festival Date: Wednesday, 22 March

2022 Festival Date: Saturday, 2 April

2021 Festival Date: Tuesday, 13 April

2020 Festival Date: Wednesday, 25 March

2019 Festival Date: Saturday, 6 April

2018 Festival Date: Sunday, 18 March

2017 Festival Date: Tuesday, 28 March

Type : New Year's Day (According Hindu Calendar)

Frequency: Annual