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Good Friday

Good Friday is the most famous festival in Goa state. This is a Christians religious related festival. This day Jesus Christ was crucifixion to his death. This day also know as Black Friday, Easter Friday, Holy Friday and Great Friday. This festival comes in April or March month. Jesus Christ was dead on Friday, 3 April AD 33.
Good Friday is very famous festival for Catholics Christian religion people of the Goa state. Goa state's mostly Churches celebrate this festival but main festival celebrates in Panjim city. People participate in the mass at Mary Immaculate Conception Church. The also wear formal clothes and priests describe about Lord Jesus Christ. The priests also do mass in different language like Konkani, English, Portuguese and etc. The church also shows to people a special cross.


2020 Good Friday Festival Date: 10 April - Friday

2019 Good Friday Festival Date: 19 April - Friday

2018 Good Friday Festival Date: 30 March - Friday

2017 Good Friday Festival Date: 14 April - Friday

Imprtance : fasting, prayer and vigil

Type : Christian Religion Festival

Frequency: Annual