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Goa Liberation Day. 19-December

After independence of the India on 15 August 1947; Goa people also started movement to free to Goa from Portuguese rule. Several People participate to free Goa which includes Hindu religion people. Portuguese armed forces opened fire during 15 August 1955 movement when approx 8,000 people were marched to Goa free. During 1955 movement Portuguese troops killed 32 people on the spot and 225 people were deeply injured.

The Liberation of Goa celebrates on 18-December every year. 18 to 19 December 1961 Indian armed forces victory on the Goa by operation Vijay. Indian Government end 451 years Old Portuguese governance in Goa. Goa was part of the Portuguese rule from 1510 to 1961. Indian Goverment sent approx 30,000 ground troops along with naval and air forces. This operation named was "Operation Vijay" which was started from 17 December 1961. In operation vijay, 30 armed forces were killed of the Portuguese along with 22 military killed of the Indian army. This operation was run during 36 hours while no large level violance occured during operation. At last Governor General of the Goa Vassalo Da Silva declared Goa state as free from Portuguese rule on 18 December 1961. Finally, Goa state became as part of the India on 19 December 1961.

Goa Government celebrate as Liberation Day on 19-December as public holiday every year. People celebate holiday and remember secrificed of the freedom fighters of the Goa who lots their life during movement from 1955 to 1961.